Starting Over

Been years since I wrote a blog.  Was writing it before it was cool..LOL!  I use to blog on msn space just to keep record of what was happening in my life but for some reason I checked it this week to see it isn’t there anymore…. Talk about messed up time capsule.  I’m trying again here! Hopefully I won’t lose my chronicles in a year or two.  I have found though that even though blogging is such a good medium for sharing your thoughts and feelings that if you’re comfortable video is even better.  VLogging seems to take it to the next level and if you’re good at it you can let ppl into your head (if you want to) and we all know that we’re visual beings and when we think we see the actual things so doing the video would allow us to actually show the meotion with what we’re trying to share and where we’re going. So instead of describing through text we can actually show 🙂

I have started vlogging on youtube and love watching my own videos. My goal with it right now is to just create a chronicle I can share with my kids (that I don’t have yet) in the future.  I would have loved to see what my dad was up to when he was my age… Hopefully youtube doesn’t pull a fast one and I lose all dem vids..

If you;re interested you can check them out

My vlogging channel where I do vids of tings that happen to me and think about –

The other is my random video channel whcih is just basically home videos as they were filmed –

Let me know what you think and please leave comments.  And sub if you love it.  Thanks!


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