Itz a Party (Jamaican Blog Party)

My vlog for the “PARTAY” is below…..


I VloG on two youtube channels The Ainzlee and ainsleydacres… check them out!

Also started tweeting the other day – @TheAinzlee…follow and I’ll mos def follow back..

Facebook – wanna be frenz? ask me on twitter, I’ll give u ma full name….

You can join the Jamaica Blog Party and meet new Jamaican bloggers. Click here for more info.


2 thoughts on “Itz a Party (Jamaican Blog Party)

  1. Wow! Very nice to meet you Ainsley. Thanks for coming to the party and really getting into the spirit of it. Even though you say you’re quiet, you are an interesting guest. As far as Vlogging goes, do your thing. Some people are just not into writing and that’s OK. I just started following a blog for someone who also does not care much for writing and his blog is pretty popular nonetheless. You can check him out at

    You missed one important detail though Ainsley, you did not submit your party post. If you don’t, the other bloggers will not get a chance to meet and get to know you. So do it now before it’s too late. You can do so here: #JaBlogParty Meet and Greet

    Bye for now and keep staying true to you.

    Stephanie from

    • Thanks ST for the kind comments and I’m working on submitting the post asap.

      nice meeting you as well and looking forward to meeting everyone…

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