Where I want to go for the summer

So who is as excited as I am that the summer is here? Hands up! Okay I can’t see your hands but I’m sure a whole bunch of us are equally excited.  Longer days, shorter nights and for Mandeville that cool breeze all day long (don’t hate).  But on to the reason this blog is being typed, what I wanna do this summer.

In March my lady and I made plans to make this both our best summer ever so we both chose five places to go with 4 places as contingencies….

The list below is where we want to go as well as where we have gone since we made the list.  It should be a great summer with movies coming out that will keep us busy in Mandeville too (nothing else to do in Mandeville).  The trips we have been on so far have cost us $6000 (app. $70US)  or less (Average around $4500) and we are trying to make it a very cost effective trip (else we naah go) so I’ll  update again when the summer is over on how many of these places we actually got to.  Hopefully I get to pin some more places on my map.

Jan’s Picks

  • Mystic Mountain, St. Ann
  • YS Falls, St. Elizabeth
  • Negril, Westmoreland
  • The Steakhouse, Mandeville
  • Truck Stop, Kingston
Ainzlee’s Picks
  • Lover’s Leap, St. Elizabeth
  • JamWest, Westmoreland
  • Dover Raceway, St. Ann  (completed)
  • JDRC Dexterity Competition, St. Elizabeth
  • Font Hill, St. Elizabeth
  • Lil Ochi, St. Elizabeth (completed)
  • Another Beach – Maybe Montego Bay
  • St. Mary or maybe Mavis Bank (see if we can cross it)
  • Milk River, Clarendon
Below I’ve put some videos of the places we’ve been already.  Hope you enjoy.
Dover Trip – 
Dover CMRC Trip – 
Lil Ochi – 

7 thoughts on “Where I want to go for the summer

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  2. Cool, what me going to do is save dis lis fi di nex time me come a Yaad. Some suggestions-like Ys Falls for instance- I have already delved into. Good list, and here’s to JAMROCK!

    • Thanks. I’ve been to YS this year but I have to go back because I didn’t get a chance to do the zipline so I feel my trip was incomplete. I also forgot my camera which to me was also a huge disappointment.

      • Oh cool. I have either never been on “The Line” or don’t remember it- I went dere as a child. I may have to make a trip back…

      • yeah itz so different now… went there as a kid as well. was surprised at what I saw. I did talkto the owner at the time and he told us of his plans. All I can say is well done.

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