Food Review : BBQ Chicken at Aquasol, Montego Bay

I’ve read many food reviews but have never really done one but I thought since I eat as much as I breathe why not…   Before writing this I was trying to decide which foods do I review and this is what I came up with… The foods that are exceptionally good or exceptionally bad…  On a whole food is good in Jamaica so an average meal to most Jamaicans would make a lot of people say WHOA.  Now with that out of the way let’s review.

I had the chance to be in Montego Bay and was there for business and pleasure. So after handling some stuff the group decided to go to the beach but as a rule I don’t swim without eating. So I suggested we go to Aquasol and kill two birds with one stone and swim after we eat at the restaurant.

We walked up to the bar where we were met promptly by the bartender who asked us if he could help to which we started enquiring where we could get some food. He told us the whole procedure and then opted to take the order himself and hand it in… MEGA HELPFUL.  After we all ordered I ended up being the only one who took the BBQ chicken as everybody else had jerk chicken..

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I was hungry so I started looking for somewhere to eat as soon as we got the food…  The area was clean and ready for all who needed the facility.  The food took about 15 minutes or less to be ready so I figure it was part of lunch and was warmed up.  In my head I was thinking “once it’s good, I’m good”.  We all sat, blessed the food and started.

Now I was hungry so you know how it is when  you’re hungry? Certain things taste good.  Anywho these things stood out.  The chicken was fried and was covered with enough BBQ sauce to put on a whole chicken.  The Chicken itself was dry. I had to go at this fowl like a rabid dog.  and the ting SALTY nuh hell!  The rice really wasn’t bad and ended up being the main part of the meal in the end because I had to leave half the chicken in the plate.  I got the same complaints from the jerk fowl eaters but I shall not take that on cause I didn’t eat it.  In the end thank God for Cranwata and good rice and peas.

Hopefully next time (if there is  next time) I’ll try the fish or something.



2 thoughts on “Food Review : BBQ Chicken at Aquasol, Montego Bay

    • The beach is for the most part good. Doing a video review of the beach on one of my youtube channels. Look out for it… xeen?

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