The Loss of the Jamaican Culture

Time flies so fast and  I was suppose to post this on Emancipation Day or at least Independence Day but I have been real busy with a lot of stuff but God is good and things are happening. Positive things.  I have been thinking about this for a long time and this is more of a discussion topic but for all of you who know about the Jamaican culture and are 30 years old or more. Is it just me or have we almost lost it?

Yes, I am talking about the change that is so drastic that children have no idea what Miss Lou or Anancy meant to Jamaica as a country.  I asked a child what was Anancy and he looked on me weird as if I was talking some outlandish language.  I think maybe Spongebob is his Anancy now and Vybes Kartel may be his Miss Lou.

Growing up I was exposed to historic facts about Jamaica in and out of school.  My parents talked about what happened back in the day and television focused on loyalty to your fellowman and country.  Where did this selfishness creep in?  The one where it’s only about you and your children ad your neighbor doesn’t matter?  This is not Jamaican!  We come from a background of many different cultures, a melting pot that allowed us to be close and watch each others back.

I have to touch on cooking as food is a big part of my life.  How many people have passed down the recipes from their forefathers?  Blue draws and dukoonoo and rundung are all things that a lot of people don’t know about but are a part of our food culture.  KFC and all the fast food joints are now the rage as nobody wants to cook and most likely if you offered some of these traditional foods to some kids today they may throw up.  Our cultural foods go way beyond Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork.

I know I’m ranting but my very heart feels the change.  When teachers are beaten for even looking at a child too hard I shiver.  On the note of educating our children about our culture, I’m not sure what is being done and maybe I should research that but tallking to the set of kids who are in high school now only a few have a clue or even care.

Maybe the culture of the outside world has crept in overtime and now we are truly apart of one world culture.  I’m sure Jamaica is not the only country feeling this when I think about it.  With the coming of the internet and cable TV it will never be the same.  And what is the solution or is it even something that needs solving? What do you think?


Below is a youtube vid of my Grandma on a visit to my aunt’s house recently. we were just talking about different things as well as emancipation and the cash for gold trades and the recent beheadings.



7 thoughts on “The Loss of the Jamaican Culture

  1. All of us, whichever country we live in, are suffering (and I think use that word carefully) from an all pervasive ‘Global’ culture. It is important that we don’t forget our histories and our culture and, most certainly, our food. Thanks for the thoughts.

    PS – Love your Grandma!

    • Thank you so much for the remarks. Yes the world is indeed smaller but as you emphasized we are all unique and shouldn’t let go of that. Grandma is a gem. Love hearing the stories. Had to put one of our conversations on my youtube channel.
      Have a blessed day.

  2. Keep blogging Ainzlee- it is one a di ongle ways that a newer generation dat tek interest inna yuh musings will know of important cultural aspects of a distant yet significant past. You Grandmadda seems like a true matriarch [much like mine].

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I find that blogging and vlogging give me a chance to express things that if I keep it inside I just might busssss! This blog was written in the same spirit I wrote the Jamaican Dream. More brewing, still so much to say!

    • And about your G-Ma that means you truly blessed then if she is anything like mine. Always have good times around her. Living history book…

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