A Whole New World

I don’t like reading long blogs so I’ll try to keep this 500 words or less. Don’t want to dish out what I don’t like so here goes…

I decided to go to Canada for school because of basically being disillusioned by what I left behind. After trying over and over I decided to set a new foundation and God has opened the doors so now I’m enrolling in a post grad course in Project Management and plan to use it for a spring board into a world of possibilities.

I landed last week and became overwhelmed the minute I left the airport.  Now 7 days later I still am being culture shocked around every corner. I was laughing to myself yesterday is culture shock what Jamaican people called “frigthen fa”?  Well if is let the frigth begin. I haven’t been out of Jamaica since I started high school and that was the US and Canada is totally different from what I remember of their close neigbors America.

But like America though they do everything big and maybe i thought to myself if the islands copied some of their architectural ideas we could use less space for more but that’s another blog.

I could sum it up in one word. It’s civilized. Everything in total order. I dropped right in the lap of a very sweet Jamaican who I call Aunt Joyce. I feel so at home that It’s not till I leave the house in the days and look around I realize, “no boss, yu nuh deh a yaad again”. Shopping of course is great but great just in the fact that if you want something you can find it but not in the price factor. I remember going into a store for a hair brush and seeing 24.95 and literally running away saying “Chiney shop have dis fi 150 Ja”.

The whole experience with food has been interesting so far. I’ve had many an indian dish as well as local pizza and yes even KFC (which I will just say want more seasoning).  The Indian food is great but spicy. There was a one pot dish called Chicken Biryani and Haan as well a Greek dish (I think it was called cous cous). Interesting to say the least. As time goes by and I happen to get a job on campus best believe I’ll be trying more whether it sends me to the bathroom or not 🙂


I’ve also found a church where I feel comfortable. God is good. Aunt Joyce goes to that church and after meeting everyone I have to say I’m impressed. Everyone is nice and open and it feels like home. Went to the men’s meeting last night and am glad i have brothers here with which i can share and understand certain things. Again, God is good.

Speaking of the people, compared to the aggressive nature that seems to be ingrained in most of our people back home it is a refreshing change. Everyone I’ve met is nice and accommodating but this seems to be the lifestyle of the people, enjoying life and what it has to offer without the “don’t get in my way mentality”. I am either dreaming and if I am I pray it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Being here has been fun so far with every step being an adventure.  Hopefully I’ll have the time once school starts to let you know what else I am gong to be up to. Thanking God for guidance so far and praying for continuous help from Him.


Below is my first vid on my youtube channel since being here….

Word Count 606..sorry


11 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. Ah Ainzlee my bro and sis live there. They say they can’t come home to live after b eing there. True word. They have been bugging me for years but a still a fight de good fight here. 🙂 Mind you don’t want to come back after being there too. Good Luck and all the best Ainzlee you will excel indeed.

    • You should give in. For me it’s a fresh start after trying to hard and being torn down at every turn. If i had brothers and sisters here It would have made the transition for me even easier. Think about it and see you soon 🙂

  2. AINZLEE! Leggo affa di PUSS! LMAO Da puss deh big doe man. Congrats on your recent move- I am sending you Godspeed wishes and here’s to GREAT and FRESH beginnings wid new adventures. Study hard and continue the immigrant tradition of “showing dem how di Yaadies do it” [in a good way] ;8)

    “I landed last week and became overwhelmed the minute I left the airport.” You come een like ‘frighten faat gonna Satiday maaket’! LOL Joking- that’s what a new place does for ya. I’m sure you soon find di Yaadie enclave- not necessarily di bes place fi be, but yuh will find it **winks**

    Please edit your content before the world sees it, as it is a direct representation of you. And dats all for now. FULL-JOY!

    • yeah de puss is big and yes me come een like a frighten boy who jus go a Disney Land…
      And thanks for the tip on editing. I tend to just type it all out and publish without a thought…

  3. Reasons I LOVE this post!!!!
    I’m Canadian and left the comforts of my own country to try yours so it’s hilarious reading YOUR experiences here. I take everything at home for granted because I was born here. I love seeing regular pictures of our streets and homes, and listening to your food experiences makes me smile.
    Now I know how you guys feel if you read my blog and see me in wonderment about everything Jamaican LOL.
    **shares post**

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