I woke up to the warmth of her lips on the back of my neck.  I smiled because I knew it was the start of a good day.  The smell of coffee told me she had been up for a while.  The sun peaked through the window as I rolled over excited to start the day we had planned.  Even Einstein was running in circles from anticipation.

It was the middle of summer and we both had taken the day off to do nothing more than spend time together with our destination not set and the mandatory requirement of it being in wide open spaces. Some place where the only sounds other than our voices would come from the wind in the trees or Einstein barking at a squirrel.

As always, talks are both filled with laughter and serious issues.  Conversations of plans to be intertwined in each others life as our hands were as we walked along the path.  Even in moments of silence our sense of touch communicates our feelings.

I cant help but stare at her from head to toe.  I run my hand through her locks that protects a beautiful mind. I smile for the umpteenth time. I am happy.  As the day slowly turns night, Einstein leads the way home. Time spent was good and I look forward to time away with her soon.

Inspired by CD

Dog’s name changed to protect the innocent


17 thoughts on “Inspired

    • All will be revealed in due time my friend and I was thinking of putting it up next week but who knows… more inspiration lies ahead….

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