A New Day

You may be wondering why I chose that name for this post. Simply it is because writing a blog again feels like a new beginning. I love blogging. There is something about the typed word. This desire is not for fame or riches but simply to help me express myself during times of happiness, anxiety, and everything in between.

I started blogging when at home in my native land of Jamaica and felt it was a part of my routine. Since coming to Canada, it felt in some ways as if I was thrown a curve ball and since 2011 change has been constant. So constant in fact that I haven’t found the time to sit back and just blog.

Here at the beginning of the year, i find myself being able to slow down and take up some things I have wanted to do. I’m currently on two weeks off from work which I took because of the birth of my son. Yes, a lot has happened and I feel blessed. I feel things are going in a great direction. I feel as progress is being made.

I hate writing long posts but for those who are reading my blog for the first time and have never seen my youtube channel, let me give you a little back story. I moved to Canada in 2011 to pursue studies in Project Management which I completed. While doing my studies I met and fell in love with a Jamaican native who coincidentally use to attend the same church I did back home and whose mom and my parents were very good friends. I’ll tell you a more in depth story at another time.

Long story short, we got married in 2013.  She was truly sent from God and I can say she is my best friend for better or for worse.  We decided to have a child in 2017 and here we are with our bundle of joy. Sorry if I don’t post any baby pics but we decided to keep our children off of social media until they are old enough to understand what it is, it’s implications and then decide for themselves if they want to be a part of that world or not.

I promise this is not how i normally write, all over the place but being my first blog back in a while, I’m sure you will understand. Thanks for dropping in and please feel free to comment and give feedback.

Have an awesome day.



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