About Ainzlee

Enjoying my time on earth and trying to see and experience as much as I can while I’m here.  Life is precious. Never take it for granted.

I mostly VloG but when I feel the need I blog.

Leave comments and let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “About Ainzlee

  1. Hi Ainzlee,

    My name is Maria Stea. I am a Senior Development Consultant at in Centennial College’s Office of Alumni Engagment and Development. I am currently working on esatablishing a scholarship fund for Jamaican students. I came across your blog and would like to ask your permission quote you in my correspondence with prospective donors. The quote I would like your permission to use is:

    My journey for my Leadership Passport began when I came off the plane in Ontario from Jamaica. I was in a new place and would meet many different people from different cultures. The culmination of all the experiences would change me into a not only a better leader but a better person. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my experiences would be so rich and so deep. I will leave centennial College with memories that will stay with me forever.

    Please let me know if you approve my request. Testimonials like yours will help rally support for scholarships.

    Thank you,

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