Who is the Bigger H of the Car World? Honda vs. Hyundai

It was 2001 and a new movie series was about to hit the scene that would become my favorite as well as fuel a car craze in my home country of Jamaica, the likes have not happened before it and hasn’t been matched since. It was Fast and the Furious and even though you may think that I must be joking it helped to start Honda off as a brand people just couldn’t get enough of. I can still remember all the revving engines and screeching tyres after that and every Fast and the Furious to follow. Even if you don’t think they are the greatest auto action movies ever you have to admit that they left you energized.

Even though Honda had a following before this movie hit, the brand grew exponentially especially in Mandeville where every other car was a Honda. What? you think I’m lying? People will testify that Mandeville became known as Honda Town. Half of them were souped up running on NOS or bigger engine and if you were part of that crew don’t ever say you had a non-VTEC engine.

I also got caught up in the hype to the point where I have never owned a car unless it was a Honda. But 5 Hondas later another H is catching my eye in a way I never thought possible.  For the Fast and the Furious fans I know you remember Tokyo Drift when Han said, “What? You thought I was going to let you drive around in a Hyundai?” Six years after making that statement a lot of people who laughed are actually giving Hyundai a second look.

I’m not sure exactly when it started to go wrong but it happened in a blink of an eye.  More cars in my hometown were Toyota and Nissans and there would be rare sightings of  an old school civic. The Honda Civic and Accord 2005 came out and there seemed to be hope but somewhere after that Hyundai also seemed to change their game plan.  It changed so drasticaly that jaws dropped at some of the designs to come.

What did Honda do? Nothing as far as I am concerned. The year is 2012 and the new designs for their lines don’t impress me much. At this point in time, I’d buy a Hyundai over any of the new offerings Honda has. Yes, I was a die hard fan of the brand. And yes, if they came with something not just new but impressive I would by Honda once more but for now I’m disillusioned and looking for a new brand. Those Subarus look nice too.

Anyway, this was a rant more than a comparison and I’m interested in knowing your views on the matter.  Is Honda washed up in your opinion? Would you buy Hyundai?

Disclaimer : I don’t own all pictures shown.. Some were obtained from the web while the others are my personal pics…..


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Reaction 2011 : Off Road Edition Review

The event called Reaction 2011 : The off-road edition happened on Sunday the 24th of July 2011.  This is an annual event in Mandeville, Jamaica that has been on the scene for years and adds something to Mandeville’s sparse event calendar.  This car show is looked forward to every year as a family event where a new theme as far as the type of the cars that will be the focus is changed every year. We’ve gone through Classic, Trucks and Sports Car Editions to name a few

This year as stated before it was the Off Road Edition but over the years, the main focus which are or should be the cars has been lacking.  I’m sorry to say that this year was no different.  For me the wow factor at any car show are the cars.  The promoters  depend mostly on those who are willing to show off their cars .  ATL Motors did carry in some of their vans which helped a bit but for me and some who gave me feedback it wasn’t enough.

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Nocturnal Promotions though saved the day with a mixture of other attractions for the kids and Jerry “The Vibes Master” D for the adults. The show was very entertaining and made up for the disappointing turnout of the cars. Giving away prizes and holdig the crowd with his usual antics I can only say kudos to the man.  We were also treated to good mixing by Agent 47, a dance contest and a fashion show as well as a very good magician to top off the day. The show that started in the morning went on until after 9 when I left. LeftSide the Jamaican DeeJay did show up when i was leaving saying he was passing through on his way to Fully Loaded and quickly went through three or four songs before I could get to the car.

Another thing worth mentioning is the checks that were presented to Charity by the Noctural Group. My hats off to all of you.  Here’s hoping next year will have a greater balance of cars with even more of the attractions from this year. Actually I’m doing more than hoping, I’m praying!

Will be adding the videos of the event below as soon as I can. Four in all.