New Year! What now?

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2012 and everybody as always happens is excited at the prospects of the days and months to come. In this year of the dragon what will we being doing differently to make this year successful? You’re going to make resolutions? Good for you? But what does that mean? Does it mean you make a list, get all worked up and weeks later go back to life as usual?

Year after year I try to set goals that will enhance my life even in small ways. This year is no different with a 13 goal spread (plus a few left from last year). This obsession started in 2006 when I set a list of 153 goals to do by the end of the year which I did accomplish. The excitement of that and the inspiration from reading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People pushed me to make it a yearly ritual.

After doing it for some time I started to hone in on things that were really important to me and breaking those down into sub goals. Things like spiritual growth, health, career, and travel after a couple of years of building goal lists were separated and then broken down into accomplishable tasks.  I stayed as realistic as possible with my goals  as they were all based on bigger goals based on a five year plan.

This year starts the beginning of a new five years and I’m excited.  Even though my last five years were mixed because of unforeseen problems (like business endeavours getting robbed or extorted and world economy going to crap) I still am impressed by what was accomplished and I’m definitely looking to do it bigger this time.

As I mentioned before I have thirteen goals this year. I’ll share a few with you as I close this blog. One of my fitness goals is to run a 5K marathon in the summer or fall of this year. This means training starts now. Another goal in terms of my career is to get a job in Canada which utilizes all of the experience and skill I garnered while in Jamaica.  One of my spiritual goals is to spend time in the New Testament covering the letters to the churches and how it applies to me.

I”m excited and hope all those who have set resolutions or goals may move toward them with excitement and fervour.  I also did get a life goal done this year. On my bucket list I had to go to a hockey game and was given that chance this past week. Yes!

Looking forward to your feedback. Stay strong and focused!


Note : Check out my trip to the Hockey Game 😉


Where I want to go for the summer Update

Another wrap up of a previous blog. In the previous (i’ll paste link below) I pointed out that my lady and I had both made lists of places we wanted to go and we even had a contingency list just in case.

Well, it didn’t turn out as expected with more planning happening for after the summer ended than within the summer. We still traveled around but didn’t get to explore what we had our hearts on.  They say quality time is important and that we did have but as always as humans it’s hard to be satisfied, our insatiable appetites always wanting more.

I won’t go through the list of places we did end up but mention food stops on Spur Tree Hill and a lazy day in Treasure Beach.

From the Original List here is where we went noted by a complete beside the location.

Jan’s Picks

  • Mystic Mountain, St. Ann
  • YS Falls, St. Elizabeth *attempted but work complications*
  • Negril, Westmoreland
  • The Steakhouse, Mandeville (completed)   *Jan went to a business meeting here*
  • Truck Stop, Kingston
Ainzlee’s Picks
  • Lover’s Leap, St. Elizabeth (completed) *went but it was closed*
  • JamWest, Westmoreland
  • Dover Raceway, St. Ann  (completed)
  • JDRC Dexterity Competition, St. Elizabeth
  • Font Hill, St. Elizabeth *went to Treasure Beach instead*
  • Lil Ochi, St. Elizabeth (completed)
  • Another Beach – Maybe Montego Bay *went to Aquasol*
  • St. Mary or maybe Mavis Bank (see if we can cross it)
  • Milk River, Clarendon *road too bad*
The average cost of our trips were 3000 JA ($30+CA/US) so it wasn’t bad at all! Until the next summer list…..
Below is a video of the Treasure Beach Trip…. Would love some feedback!

Where I want to go for the summer

So who is as excited as I am that the summer is here? Hands up! Okay I can’t see your hands but I’m sure a whole bunch of us are equally excited.  Longer days, shorter nights and for Mandeville that cool breeze all day long (don’t hate).  But on to the reason this blog is being typed, what I wanna do this summer.

In March my lady and I made plans to make this both our best summer ever so we both chose five places to go with 4 places as contingencies….

The list below is where we want to go as well as where we have gone since we made the list.  It should be a great summer with movies coming out that will keep us busy in Mandeville too (nothing else to do in Mandeville).  The trips we have been on so far have cost us $6000 (app. $70US)  or less (Average around $4500) and we are trying to make it a very cost effective trip (else we naah go) so I’ll  update again when the summer is over on how many of these places we actually got to.  Hopefully I get to pin some more places on my map.

Jan’s Picks

  • Mystic Mountain, St. Ann
  • YS Falls, St. Elizabeth
  • Negril, Westmoreland
  • The Steakhouse, Mandeville
  • Truck Stop, Kingston
Ainzlee’s Picks
  • Lover’s Leap, St. Elizabeth
  • JamWest, Westmoreland
  • Dover Raceway, St. Ann  (completed)
  • JDRC Dexterity Competition, St. Elizabeth
  • Font Hill, St. Elizabeth
  • Lil Ochi, St. Elizabeth (completed)
  • Another Beach – Maybe Montego Bay
  • St. Mary or maybe Mavis Bank (see if we can cross it)
  • Milk River, Clarendon
Below I’ve put some videos of the places we’ve been already.  Hope you enjoy.
Dover Trip – 
Dover CMRC Trip – 
Lil Ochi – 

Retro Blog – Bad Experience at a Hotel In Negril

As I may have mentioned before I started blogging in 2003 on MSN Space and even now my head is reeling that it closed down and I never had a chance to save my stuff.  A part of me is lost forever.  I did have part tiem jobs on the internet back then as well and one of them that I applied for required I send in a copy of one of my blogs.  So I was cleaning up my PC and saw what you will read below.

I’ve been blessed to travel to 20+ hotels around Jamaica and I use to use my blog as a review for all the hotels I travelled to. Even though this blog was written in 2007 the experience I get from all these places stick with me and my sentiments have not changed.  If you have been there and you disagree or agree please leave some feedback.



Travellers Beach Hotel – My experience

Well I spent my vacation at a place called Travellers Beach Hotel but that was not originally the plan. The plan was to stay at Fun Holiday Resort but because of some mix up we got transferred to TBH. Just to say though that the staff I met at Fun Holiday were very nice, always smiling and were even asking us some questions about homework for one of their kids and that’s how laid back and fun at the same time we as Jamaicans can  and should be. I was only there for 15 minutes maybe but it was worth it. I will be going back there the next time.

Now back to Travellers. After going from Fun Holiday to here with all the smiles and warm welcome, it was like a change from heaven to hell. Went in and stood at the check in counter but the guy who was there never even greeted and stood there looking blankly so I took the initiative to tell him about the transfer. Without even a change in facial expression he handed me a card to fill out and informed me that someone would soon come to take the bags. Long and short is, he didn’t look to happy to see us. I’m not sure if it was because I was Jamaican or he just found out his girl left him dry but geeeez. Anyways while in the lobby I noticed that there were people telling the guests (and these were Spring Breakers) about the hotel and the attractions and stuff like that, so then some thing came to me and I asked the same guy if there were all inclusive packages available. He again looked blankly at me and said “you haffi to talk to food and beverage about dat”. OMG. Do I live here? Where is that I said to myself but he offered no directions and I didn’t ask because I was getting perturbed.

After being carried to the room I realized there were no bulbs so while out on a walk I asked one of the cleaning ladies about it. She said she would see what she could do. Later after going back to the room there were bulbs but alas they didn’t work. The beds were hard and the water in the shower took 30 minutes to recede as there was something wrong with the drain opener on the tub.  At this point I’m not a happy camper.

I finally found the Food and Beverage Dept. which as I assumed was near the beach front   ( but I still should have been given directions) and saw a bunch of workers just lazing. I needed a spoon so I asked one of the guys. He looked at me and then said “Yow unooo get a spoon fi me nuh”. I stood there for 15 minutes while he was on his cell and smiling at some Caucasian woman.  This is day one of my three day vacay.

I won’t say much more about the hotel because the only time I spent there after that was for sleep and for maybe one or two other activities (use your imagination or don’t).  Below are pics of the hotel and some of the stops I made and always make when in Negril.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh there was one good thing about this place. It had good water pressure.

At check out time it happened to be a young lady so I thought okay, maybe a different response…Nope. She had me stand up waiting on her while she was on the phone for about 15 minutes and even transferred calls to people in the lobby. The management too was not much better because through their office door they saw me standing there and it was after that 15 minutes that one guy came out and said “yes”. I handed him the key and after looking in the computer he kinda did something with his head like in a nudge motion which I guess meant “we dun wid you now”.

Anyways I won’t be going back transferred or not.

2 out of 5 stars (Water Pressure save dem from get 1).  The other one was for a roof over my head at nights.


So that was the review back then… I did stay at one hotel worst than this one but that is another BLOG…