School’s Out!!!

After a grueling semester of Post Grad Project Management, It’s time for a well needed rest.  By rest I mean do things I need to do so I can have some peace of mind and at least know I’m still on a track to my goals.  My grades will be out in a day or two but I’m sure I passed everything. I have three weeks of vacation and have decided to use it to  things I love. I want to spend the weeks before school in January reading, going on some adventure and getting myself ready for next year. Should be fun.

Below are videos and pics I’ve collected since I’ve been here and hopefully if I get to do these thirty things I have I’ll be able to, I’ll do a blog before year end.

Random Question : Are you strong enough to do what you need to do no matter what the distraction?

Pics and vid Below….. v






Where I want to go for the summer Update

Another wrap up of a previous blog. In the previous (i’ll paste link below) I pointed out that my lady and I had both made lists of places we wanted to go and we even had a contingency list just in case.

Well, it didn’t turn out as expected with more planning happening for after the summer ended than within the summer. We still traveled around but didn’t get to explore what we had our hearts on.  They say quality time is important and that we did have but as always as humans it’s hard to be satisfied, our insatiable appetites always wanting more.

I won’t go through the list of places we did end up but mention food stops on Spur Tree Hill and a lazy day in Treasure Beach.

From the Original List here is where we went noted by a complete beside the location.

Jan’s Picks

  • Mystic Mountain, St. Ann
  • YS Falls, St. Elizabeth *attempted but work complications*
  • Negril, Westmoreland
  • The Steakhouse, Mandeville (completed)   *Jan went to a business meeting here*
  • Truck Stop, Kingston
Ainzlee’s Picks
  • Lover’s Leap, St. Elizabeth (completed) *went but it was closed*
  • JamWest, Westmoreland
  • Dover Raceway, St. Ann  (completed)
  • JDRC Dexterity Competition, St. Elizabeth
  • Font Hill, St. Elizabeth *went to Treasure Beach instead*
  • Lil Ochi, St. Elizabeth (completed)
  • Another Beach – Maybe Montego Bay *went to Aquasol*
  • St. Mary or maybe Mavis Bank (see if we can cross it)
  • Milk River, Clarendon *road too bad*
The average cost of our trips were 3000 JA ($30+CA/US) so it wasn’t bad at all! Until the next summer list…..
Below is a video of the Treasure Beach Trip…. Would love some feedback!

The Loss of the Jamaican Culture

Time flies so fast and  I was suppose to post this on Emancipation Day or at least Independence Day but I have been real busy with a lot of stuff but God is good and things are happening. Positive things.  I have been thinking about this for a long time and this is more of a discussion topic but for all of you who know about the Jamaican culture and are 30 years old or more. Is it just me or have we almost lost it?

Yes, I am talking about the change that is so drastic that children have no idea what Miss Lou or Anancy meant to Jamaica as a country.  I asked a child what was Anancy and he looked on me weird as if I was talking some outlandish language.  I think maybe Spongebob is his Anancy now and Vybes Kartel may be his Miss Lou.

Growing up I was exposed to historic facts about Jamaica in and out of school.  My parents talked about what happened back in the day and television focused on loyalty to your fellowman and country.  Where did this selfishness creep in?  The one where it’s only about you and your children ad your neighbor doesn’t matter?  This is not Jamaican!  We come from a background of many different cultures, a melting pot that allowed us to be close and watch each others back.

I have to touch on cooking as food is a big part of my life.  How many people have passed down the recipes from their forefathers?  Blue draws and dukoonoo and rundung are all things that a lot of people don’t know about but are a part of our food culture.  KFC and all the fast food joints are now the rage as nobody wants to cook and most likely if you offered some of these traditional foods to some kids today they may throw up.  Our cultural foods go way beyond Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork.

I know I’m ranting but my very heart feels the change.  When teachers are beaten for even looking at a child too hard I shiver.  On the note of educating our children about our culture, I’m not sure what is being done and maybe I should research that but tallking to the set of kids who are in high school now only a few have a clue or even care.

Maybe the culture of the outside world has crept in overtime and now we are truly apart of one world culture.  I’m sure Jamaica is not the only country feeling this when I think about it.  With the coming of the internet and cable TV it will never be the same.  And what is the solution or is it even something that needs solving? What do you think?


Below is a youtube vid of my Grandma on a visit to my aunt’s house recently. we were just talking about different things as well as emancipation and the cash for gold trades and the recent beheadings.


Food Review : Club Sandwiches at The Pelican, Montego Bay

I know I did a food review on my last blog but this food experience happened on the same trip and after reading this review you may understand why I did.  This particular experience happened after the one I blogged about but after the ocean took me and tossed me to and fro in a couple of hours I was ready to eat again and hoping for a better experience.

I had never been to The Pelican and wanting to conquer the hip strip (as in interact with every food joint and hotel – 85% there) so when it was suggested I eagerly agreed.  It was exactly as I had thought the ambiance would be but the design of the place wasn’t.  But all in all very nice food place that I would recommend to anyone.  Not only for the sweet setup but the prices were very good as well.  I mean if I had the choice between KFC and The Pelican, KFC lose! (yes, I went there).

So to the “meat” of the matter! We got our menus and after the experience with the microwaved and very salty meal mentioned in previous review before I wasn’t in the mood for chicken and neither were the other four people that made up the group. So after looking through and rejecting all fowl dishes, two people went with fish and the other oxtail. I wasn’t feeling any of those dishes but something caught my eye.  Club sandwiches with a mix of three meats. Once my eyes saw that my mouth started to water.

Excitedly I ordered and waited hoping for a meal as my mind was at the moment was creating and my taste buds were hoping for. It came in good time. Nicely served with a beautiful smile I jumped right in.  Can I say that… my mouth, lips, tongue and belly were not disappointed.  I had struck food gold.  I will try to find some adjectives to describe my food high.   Delightful, Loaded with flavour and a real work of art.  The bread was toasted just right and the meats which were ham chicken and beef were all well done.  Bravo! *claps* It came with a decent serving of fries which maybe even though tasty were a bit soaked in oil so I ended up squeezing some of that oil out but tasty nonetheless.

I’d dare say even though this was my first expereince there and having tht club sandwich that I may go back for seconds…..naaaah! I’ll try something else next time!   After making such a good impression and with such good service I am confident they won’t let me down….

Only time will tell!

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